Plant protection

Equipment of the PPP warehouse

According to the recommendations of Good Plant Protection Practice, the warehouse equipment should meet the following conditions:

  1. Artificial lighting,
  2. Gravity and forced ventilation to prevent the accumulation of toxic chemical vapours, activated before entering the storage room,
  3. Gas- and dust-tight electrical installation,
  4. Fire extinguisher,
  5. Paper towels,
  6. Storage space:
    • toxic and highly toxic agents (lockable box or airy metal cabinet),
    • preparations that are incomplete and in leaky packaging,
    • contaminated materials used in emergency situations,
    • packaging of plant protection products used,
    • tools to neutralise spillages or spills (shovel, brush, bucket and sorbent container),
  7. Shelves for chemicals made of non-absorbent material, free from sharp edges and elements that may damage the packaging,
  8. The facility should be equipped to prevent harmful pollution or contamination of the air, ground and waters with chemical substances (e.g. sump trays).

The warehouse should be equipped with an adequate ventilation system:

  • emergency – activated from outside and inside the warehouse, providing at least 10 air changes per hour;
  • continuous – activated from outside the warehouse, one hour before the start of work, providing at least 3 air changes per hour.