Working conditions

Working conditions are all factors occurring in a given organization that are related to the nature of work and the environment in which it is performed. Working conditions include but are not limited to: location of the company and place of work, object and scope of work, equipment for the working environment (tools, machines, devices, buildings), working time, social utilities, social and living activities of the enterprise and employment relationship.

The training presents the basic provisions of labor law and regulations regarding employee organizations, presents the way in which the working conditions and employees’ wages, proper remuneration for work and the principles of organizing work for juveniles should be determined.

In addition, two lessons are devoted to the principles of disciplining employees that are can be used and records of such events that should be kept, the issues of discrimination and mobbing and practices preventing them, ways of satisfying employees’ individual needs and how to respond to employees’ health problems related to their work.

The third lesson in this area contains information useful in planning employee training, employing foreigners as well as motivating issues.

The following lessons are currently available in the “Working Conditions” area:

  • Shaping proper working and payment conditions
  • Proper implementation of workers’ rights (part 1)
  • Proper implementation of workers’ rights (part 2)

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