Soil Management

Soil is formed on the surface of the Earth’s crust as a natural, biologically active system of mineral and organic substances, water and air. It is formed by weathered rocks, as well as dead and living organic matter. Soil is co-formed and changed as a result of climate conditions, time, and living organisms, including microorganisms and, ever since the adoption of a sedentary lifestyle, humans.

Soil is a living system shaped by the activity of soil organisms that live in it. Even though it resembles mineral material at first glance, it is in fact densely populated by miscellaneous organisms and contains both living and dead organic. Dead organic matter is not merely humus, but also manure and dead plants, soil-inhabiting invertebrates and secretions from mushrooms and roots of plants for which it is a habitat.

The area of “Soil management” currently offers access to the following lectures:

  • Usefulness of Proper Soil Management
  • Soil Fertility
  • Living Soil as A Guarantee of High Yields
  • Methods of Cost-Efficient Soil Fertilisation
  • Methods for Counteracting Unfavourable Effects of Tillage

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