Members and partners

Our members join their efforts in pursuing the three fundamental goals of the Association, including the promotion of sustainable agriculture amongst farmers, the creation of sustainable agriculture awareness amongst consumers, and developing the Common Agricultural Policy after 2020.

Members of the Association include representatives of various branches from the food responsibility chain. Currently, our members include the representatives of manufacturers of seeds, seed potatoes, barley malt, fertilisers and crop protection products, processors of fruit and vegetables, as well as representatives of the financial, restaurant and meat sectors.

Benefits of becoming a member
Through the inclusion of entities that are committed to the modernisation of Polish rural areas, while taking care of the environment and the quality and safety of food, our members are ranked as leaders in sustainable agriculture in Poland.

Our cooperation with agricultural organisations and the Association’s participation in the works on developing the agricultural policy, gives our members an opportunity to have a real impact on shaping the development paths for Polish agriculture.

All the associated entities gain access to the materials and actions of the Association, including the possibility to present their own farmer-oriented solutions. Moreover, we offer access to reliable and up-to-date information about the global trends pertaining to sustainable development and their effects on Poland.