Our actions

The Association’s activities are focused on four main areas, namely providing knowledge for farmers, companies and consumers, promoting sustainable agriculture, preparing for formal certification and shaping the Common Agricultural Policy.

We draw attention to the new role that must be faced by the farmer today. It is a role of a responsible and professional manager, aware of the agricultural impact on the environment and society, and ready to change his/her approach to farm management. A manager who knows how to properly take care of the farm’s long-term financial stability and safe development. This role, however, requires verification of the existing goals of the farm and a suitable approach of farmers to the management of production means and natural resources. To meet this role, it might be helpful to obtain financial support under the Common Agricultural Policy.

Sustainable agriculture and its impact on business and society are the factors that influence consumer decisions as well. Consumers want to be aware of where the food they buy comes from and under what conditions it was produced. Building awareness throughout the food responsibility chain offers a real opportunity to change eating habits and spread of sustainable agriculture.

Cooperation with agricultural organisations
Along with our partners, we undertake joint measures for the development and promotion of sustainable agriculture in Poland. This paves the way for better utilisation of the organisations’ experience and potential, as well as provides them with support in facing challenges related to sustainable agriculture. We support one another.

Cooperation with media partners
Our activities are supported by our media partners, including: Agronews, Poradnik Rolniczy, Apra and Plantpress. They help us spread the news about important aspects of our activities. This is our key information channel, which helps us effectively reach target groups related to agriculture and food processing in Poland. Our media partners support us in creating materials presenting concrete farms and farmers, as well as the measurable benefits of applying the practices of sustainable agriculture. A series of videos with farmers on sustainable agriculture make it possible to practically demonstrate why sustainable agriculture simply pays. We regularly publish videos with farmers on our YouTube channel.

Our activities are also popular with other media. Information on the Association’s initiatives is published, amongst others, in the Polish Radio station, TVP1, Agropolska, Farmer, Agroprofil, Wirtualny Nowy Przemysł, Portal Spożywczy, PAP and Agronomist.

Cooperation with strategic partner
Our strategic partner is Accenture sp. z o. o, which advises us on strategic projects concerning the promotion of sustainability. Together we take action to have an even better, real impact on the spread of sustainable agriculture in Poland. Together we co-create solutions that support the Association’s goals.