Our actions

The Association is involved in a series of activities to promote the model of sustainable agriculture and sustainable food production in Poland. We realise our strategy on four main levels: knowledge and competence, business support, labelling sustainable agriculture products as well as business and legal environment.

We have Sustainable Agriculture Academy – an educational platform offering a compendium of knowledge about sustainable agriculture. The Academy aims to provide comprehensive knowledge on sustainable farm management, i.e. by combining economic, environmental and social goals of agriculture

We draw attention to the new role that must be faced by the farmer today. It is a role of a responsible and professional manager, aware of the agricultural impact on the environment and society, and ready to change his/her approach to farm management. A manager who knows how to properly take care of the farm’s long-term financial stability and safe development. This role, however, requires verification of the existing goals of the farm and a suitable approach of farmers to the management of production means and natural resources. To meet this role, it might be helpful to obtain financial support under the Common Agricultural Policy.

Sustainable agriculture and its impact on business and society are the factors that influence consumer decisions as well. Consumers want to be aware of where the food they buy comes from and under what conditions it was produced. Building awareness throughout the food responsibility chain offers a real opportunity to change eating habits and spread of sustainable agriculture.

Cooperation with leading agricultural organisations, mainly agricultural media in Poland, as well as the experiences of our members from different branches of the food responsibility chain, make it possible to effectively adapt our communications activities to current needs and challenges.

We prepare videos, infographics and other communication materials about sustainable agriculture in practice, which are published, amongst others, on our YouTube channel, LinkedIn profile and websites: rolnictwozrownowazone.pl; sustainable-food.pl , as well as on the communication channels of our partners. We find it particularly important to show farmers from Poland who are already in the process of implementing sustainable agricultural practices on their farms.

We speak publicly on key issues for the development of sustainable agriculture in Poland, such as the Common Agricultural Policy and European Green Deal, through official letters, media activity, as well as participation in various events and consultations.