About the Association

The Association of Sustainable Agriculture in Poland “ASAP” is a non-commercial initiative of a group of companies and individuals representing various branches of the food chain. The Association is involved in a series of activities to promote, educate and cooperate in the area of sustainable agriculture in Poland.

The Association of Sustainable Agriculture in Poland “ASAP” was founded in 2014 at the initiative of companies and individuals interested in the development of sustainable agriculture in Poland. Our members are representatives of brands from the entire food responsibility chain. What persuaded us to join our efforts was, above all, the awareness of our responsibility for good quality food and the desire to reinforce the potential of Polish agriculture.

Over several years, the number of our members increased to include representatives of other branches of the food chain. Currently, the “ASAP” Association is composed of manufacturers of seeds, seed potatoes, barley malt, fertilisers and crop protection products, processors of fruit and vegetables, as well as representatives of the financial, transportation and meat sectors.

A particular role in the Association is played by agricultural organisations, thanks to which we are sure that our activities address the needs of farmers. Our cooperation involves popularisation of the idea and practices of sustainable agriculture, as well as development of common positions and analyses. We and our partners speak with a common voice, as well as have a real impact on the shape of the Common Agricultural Policy and the promotion of sustainable agriculture in Poland. Dialogue coherence, broader communication, exchange of views, practical experiences, and knowledge transfer are just some of the ideas behind this cooperation.
Our aid to farmers, on the other hand, involves creation of didactic tools, amongst others, in the area of developing managerial skills of farmers and implementing sustainable agricultural practices. At the same time, we support the transformation of Polish rural areas, which still need adequate knowledge on how to improve the efficiency of farming activities and guarantee high production standards, as well as how to produce food in an environmentally friendly manner.

The knowledge of sustainable agriculture is essential throughout the food responsibility chain, so companies and consumers are also important to us.
We take active part in public consultations to have a real impact on shaping the direction of financial incentives under the Strategic Plan of the Common Agricultural Policy for the years 2021-2027.