Farm management

A farm is a complex type of enterprise that is highly dependent on changing environmental conditions, such as weather conditions, changes in raw material prices or fluctuations in agricultural markets. Therefore, knowledge of the principles of good management is essential for every farmer.

This substantive area contains three lessons on the issue of farm management. “The Benefits of Good Farm Management” is the first lesson, covering topics such as decision support systems, the impact of climate change on yields and business planning. The lesson “How to plan a farm strategy well” concerns many things, including matching technical equipment to the nature of production, using professional advice, supply and sales markets, education and risk assessment. “Agro-technical and organizational conditions of the farm strategy” focuses on the production aspect. The lessons cover building soil fertility, crop rotation, animal welfare and technical issues such as inspection and repair of technical equipment.

The following lessons are currently available in the “Farm Management” area:

  • Advantages of good farm management
  • How to plan your farm strategy well
  • Agro-technical and organizational conditions of farm strategy

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