Sowing and Planting

The level and quality of yield primarily depends on the genetic features of crops, their yielding potential and specific quality characteristics that manifest under concrete production conditions.

The crops prepared for a complete developmental cycle leading to the production of yields need suitable soil, specific amount of water, appropriate distribution of temperatures and sunshine according to their needs. Depending on the soil and climate conditions over a given area, these requirements can be met to a varying degree. Proper growth and development of crops may be disturbed not only by deficiencies of vital nutrients or water in the soil, but even by short-term, unfavourable weather conditions, e.g. frost, strong wind, flooding, etc. which lead to crop damage and significant reduction in yields.

In the future, the choice of crop species, their varieties and the agrotechnical process of their cultivation will strongly depend on the ongoing climate change, and hence it is worth to know the forecasts for the coming years and decades.

The area of “Sowing and Planting” currently offers access to the following lectures:

  • Benefits of Proper Sowing and Planting
  • Seed and Planting Material – The Key To Success
  • Economically Reasonable Selection of Crops, as well as their Sowing and Planting
  • Profit From Proper Crop Pattern Changes and Crop Canopy Density
  • Methods for Preventing Potential Threats to Crops From Unauthorised and Hazardous Plants

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