Health and Safety Regulations

Occupational health and safety regulations (OSH) is a commonly used term for a set of principles for safe and hygienic performance of work, as well as a separate field of knowledge dealing with shaping appropriate working conditions.

In the field of occupational health and safety regulations, there are issues in the field of ergonomics, occupational medicine, occupational economics, occupational psychology and technical safety. It is a set of principles for safe work in hygienic conditions.

The training covers the issues of application of labor law on the farm, the relationship between health and safety regulations and labor law, prevention of diseases and threats among employees and issues of risk assessment  of individual positions as well as procedures in case of undesirable events. In addition, the lessons of this area contain information about the training required, the role of periodic occupational health check-ups and what to do in the event of an accident. The last part of the course is devoted to the identification of potential hazards, first aid training and proper equipping of employees with working clothes.

The following lessons are currently available in the “Health and Safety Regulations” area:

  • Legal basis and prevention
  • Risk assessment at the workplace and adverse events procedures
  • Admission to work, training. What to do in the event of an accident
  • Actions to increase safety

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