What is sustainable agriculture?

Sustainable agriculture refers to any and all activities that limit the environmental impact of farming, allowing a more effective and environmentally friendly utilisation of such resources as soil, land, water, machines, crop protection products, seeds, fertilisers or energy, while maintaining the profitability of agricultural production and its social acceptance.

A concept that addresses the needs of today’s world
Diminishing natural resources of the Earth, progressive and severe climate change and the prospect of having to feed another 2 billion people in 2050 with limited access to water and farmland, represent the greatest challenges for contemporary agriculture. At this time they already require definite and effective solutions that will help combine the effect of improved efficiency and quality of agricultural production with rational utilisation of natural resources. Sustainable agriculture fully addresses these global challenges, representing a viable perspective and alternative to the conventional methods of management, which are no longer functional.

A concept that supports long-term farm development
The model of sustainable farm management does not guarantee an increase in yield here and now, but helps achieve the economic stability of agribusiness over a longer period. It is extremely important from the perspective of its resistance to all kinds of crises affecting both the local and the global economy. Sustainable agricultural practices support a more effective utilisation of production means, as well as better protection of the environment and the farm’s surroundings. Such practices also indicate the need for cooperation between the farmer and the local community, avoidance of conflicts with the villagers, and dedication of efforts to understand their needs. A socially responsible agribusiness operating in an ethical manner and protecting the environment and human health gains public trust. This trust, in turn, is vital for the financial stability and long-term development of the farm.