Plant protection

Documentation of the rationale for plant protection measures

According to the Act of 8 March 2013 on plant protection products Art. 37: the holder of land or facilities where treatments with plant protection products are carried out by a professional user is obliged to indicate how the requirements of Integrated Plant Protection are implemented by giving at least the reason for carrying out the treatment with plant protection products in the documentation – records of plant protection treatments.

The records on the use of plant protection products should contain information such as: the name of the plant grown and its variety, or the protected object, the area of the field or part of the object on which the treatment was carried out, the date on which the treatment was carried out, the name of the product, the dose applied, the reason for using the product (which disease, weed or pest was controlled, damage thresholds, the extent of the controlled pest), the equipment used and the type of nozzles and the amount of the applied liquid per hectare, etc. (,46770,1.html).

Records should be kept for at least 2 years from the date of the plant protection treatment. The obligation to keep records does not apply to plant protection treatments carried out in allotment gardens, which are considered to be home gardens and family allotment gardens.