Health and safety

First-aid training

In accordance with the provisions expressed in the Regulation of the Minister of Economy and Labour of 27 July 2004 on training in the field of occupational safety and health (as amended) (Journal of Laws No. 180, item 1860, of 2005. No. 116, item. 972, of 2007. No. 196, item 1420, Journal of Laws 2019, item 1099), the basic principles of first-aid are the subject of compulsory initial and periodic training for all employees and compulsory training of employers and other persons in charge of employees.

Thus, the employer and all employees at every level should have the basic knowledge and skills to deal with emergency situations and to assist an injured person.

The training of occupational health and safety personnel and persons performing the tasks of the occupational health and safety service and the training of employers performing the tasks of the occupational health and safety service shall include extended first-aid instruction. The employer or his designees shall receive such training and shall renew it at intervals not exceeding 5 years. The employer shall provide the employees with information on the persons – if any – performing the tasks of the occupational safety and health service (name, place of work, telephone number), and shall provide the necessary means to provide first-aid in the event of emergencies in positions where there is a risk of their occurrence. The number of persons performing occupational health and safety service tasks and the equipment necessary to provide first-aid should take into account the type and level of risks involved. There should be at least one person trained in extended first-aid for every 50 employees. It should always be remembered that we should train enough workers in first-aid to ensure that a trained person is present in every area of the plant/farm and on every shift, taking into account the situation that workers may be absent from work and we need a replacement for the person designated to give first-aid. The employer shall also ensure liaison with services specialised in first-aid.