Market access

Batch production process

A lot is a specific quantity of a particular product, uniform in nature, originating from a specific location (e.g. 100 t of malting barley of variety X, from field No 10).

The division into lots is an internal matter for the farm depending on its storage capacities, field numbering methods, varieties and crop species grown. Each lot must be properly documented (e.g. for malting barley grain: lot No. 1: 100 tonnes, variety: X, field No.: 10, field size: 25 ha, harvest:, yield: 4 tonnes/ha; agrotechnics: dates of treatments carried out, type of cultivation machinery; plant protection (RPPs used): quantities and dates of treatments during the plant growth phase; fertilisation (fertilisers used): dates of fertiliser application with description, dates of biostimulant application with description; seeds: degree of certification, dose and date of sowing including depth of sowing.

For all of the above, purchase invoices for inputs used in production, any approvals and certificates, even purchase invoices for liquid fuels and maintenance records for agricultural machinery and tools should be collected.