Local Community

Benefits of the farm to the local community

The farm, through its social activities, can make a significant difference to the quality of life of local residents. There are many areas of social life that require attention and support with concrete measures. These include science, education, culture, health, infrastructure, sport or environmental protection.

Often, actions are also taken to improve the living conditions of marginalised populations or simply to organise the leisure time of local residents. The most popular forms of corporate social involvement are sponsorship, patronage and philanthropy. They are also very active on the local labour market, which develops thanks to the employment they offer.

By employing workers from the local community, the farm contributes to revitalising the local labour market. By investing in this market, the economic situation of its inhabitants improves. The education of local workers and the systematic improvement of their professional skills also increases the value of the local labour market, which becomes richer in skilled professionals. The focus on its development is viewed positively by the local community. This increases acceptance of, trust in and loyalty to the farm.