Plant protection

Fertilisers or growth promoters that are informal plant protection products

Legislation on the different types of products used in agriculture is very complex and sometimes inconsistent.

This prompts some manufacturers of preparations that could potentially be used in the reduction of agrophages to declare or register them as fertilisers or plant growth and development stimulants. In reality, this is an attempt to circumvent the lengthy and very costly procedure for registering a plant protection product, which is the unauthorised placing on the market of plant protection products that have not been tested and evaluated as required. Thus, they may be dangerous for the applicator, the environment or the consumer. In addition, it constitutes an infringement of the principles of fair competition. It should be remembered that in the labelling of these products, the manufacturer is not entitled to include information on the protective effect of the product or an effect that falls within the definition of a plant protection product, and the provision of information that does not comply with the label is subject to a penalty.