Health and safety

Release to work

The admission of employees to work takes place through a qualification procedure. Each job position has defined requirements for the employee’s qualifications, aptitude and performance. Fulfilment of these requirements is assessed when employees are hired.

When recruiting an employee, the employer verifies that the employee’s state of health and qualifications allow him or her to work in a specific position, under specific working conditions. For this purpose, the employer directs the person hired to an initial medical examination (occupational medicine), initial or periodic occupational health and safety training and, in certain cases, training to improve his/her qualifications for the tasks assigned.

The condition for an employee to be allowed to work is a current medical certificate stating that there are no contraindications to work in a specific position, under the working conditions described in the medical examination referral issued by the employer. This must be a certificate issued after an examination to determine the ability to work in a particular position. This condition is not fulfilled by the results of examinations carried out for purposes other than taking up work in a specific position. A medical certificate issued following an initial medical examination remains valid for the period indicated in it, but may become outdated if, prior to the date of the employee’s admission to work, events occur that may indicate a change in the employee’s state of health.

The employer shall familiarise employees who start work with the scope of their duties and the way in which they will perform the work in their designated positions. In order to ensure that the employee is able to actually and safely perform his or her duties, the employer shall provide the employee with the tools and equipment necessary to perform the work, as well as work clothes and, in certain cases, personal protective equipment, and shall make sure that the employee is able to use them properly. The employer must train the employee in the use of the assigned PPE.