Market access

Training of employees to ensure quality production

Training focused on the quality of production should be carried out on a farm of any size; this will be different on a small farm where the owner and family members work, and different on a large farm that may even employ many workers.

Training and information on how to ensure the right quality of production should be available on every farm, although their form may vary.

Ensuring proper production quality involves creating a production site where safe working conditions are ensured and all food safety hazards and critical points are identified, along with an action plan to minimise risks.

Training, for those wishing to educate themselves, is widely available, farmers are trained by almost all participants in the food production chain, i.e. production and distribution companies (machinery, fertilisers, plant protection products), processing plants, Agricultural Advisory Centres and others. Any farmer interested in advice and education can be in constant contact with professional advisors with substantive knowledge of all production processes.