Plant protection

Construction of the PPP warehouse

The design of the warehouse for chemicals and the waste resulting from their use should meet the requirements set out in a number of legal acts, including:

  • Act of 07.07.2022 Construction Law,
  • Act of 24.08.1991 on fire protection,
  • Ordinance of the Regulation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development on procedures for the use and storage of plant protection products,
  • Regulation of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy on general health and safety regulations at work.

According to Good Plant Protection Practice recommendations, the design of the storage facility should meet the following conditions:

  1. walls, roof and doors made of fire-resistant materials,
  2. recommended resistance to internal and external fire:
    • if the warehouse is located in a place exposed to external hazards (e.g. forest fires) – 1 hour,
    • if a rapid response by the fire brigade is possible – 30 minutes,
  3. heat-protected support components,
  4. flooring that is hardened and impermeable, easily washable, slip-reducing and resistant to impact and corrosive substances,
  5. floor drain disconnected from the sewage system and connected to a closed tank for liquid chemical waste,
  6. thermal insulation, ensuring coolness during the summer heat and a positive temperature in winter (rooms guaranteeing relative temperature stability),
  7. tinted windows to protect against direct sunlight.