Farm Management

Inspection and repair of mechanical equipment

The mechanical equipment used on the farm is becoming increasingly sophisticated and expensive. Its expected performance can only be achieved by ensuring its efficiency and quality of work. Each piece of mechanical equipment has maintenance intervals specific to its design and use, determining its longevity and trouble-free operation.

Knowledge of the use and maintenance intervals, and adherence to them, is the basis for the safe operation of the equipment, and thus for the implementation of production plans and minimising the risk of losses due to unexpected failures. Do-it-yourself repairs – especially of simple equipment or tools – are often a necessity on the farm. Proper work organisation requires documentation of all repairs and maintenance of mechanical equipment. Self-performed repairs must comply with applicable health and safety rules appropriate to the nature of the work being carried out. The situation is different with complex equipment requiring specialised tools and electronic instrumentation. In such cases, it is necessary to turn to authorised service centres. The compulsory inspection of plant protection equipment is a statutory requirement, which must be strictly adhered to.