Farm Management

Production and management education

Continuous advances in crop and livestock production methods, technology and techniques, legislation and the functioning of financial tools require farm managers to continually upgrade their skills and update their knowledge.

In addition to the typically productive, agronomic knowledge, the skills to optimise the entire farm management process are increasingly important. The proper financing of operations is important – often underestimated – as is the ability to cooperate, negotiate and communicate, not only with business partners, but also with one’s own employees and the local community. A development plan for employees on a farm following the principles of sustainable agriculture should include elements of both agronomic knowledge and the development of skills such as communication, cooperation and work organisation. Agronomic knowledge is intended to serve a production-optimal and profitable production, based on building soil fertility and respecting all environmental resources. Additional communication and social skills allow for a more efficient organisation of work, avoiding misunderstandings and losses resulting from them, as well as building positive relationships with the farm’s social environment.