About us

Who are we?

We are a non-commercial initiative of a group of individuals and businesses representing various industries from the chain of responsibility for food. Together we work for the development of sustainable farming in Poland.

Our mission and vision

Our mission is to promote sustainable farming in the agricultural environment. We put it in practice through training programmes based on our own tools and educational materials.

Chain of responsibility for food

Each of the Association's members has an important part to play in the chain of responsibility for food. We represent various industries but we are connected through a common goal – support of sustainable farming. By joining forces, we are able to achieve our objectives more efficiently to benefit the farmers, society and the environment.

Our services

Are you interested in increasing your profit while taking care of the environment and developing the local community? Check if you follow the principles of sustainable farming.

Explore our services addressed to farmers and to anyone interested in food production based on sustainable development principles.

Online educational platform

The ASAP Academy is an educational platform created based on the Sustainable Farming Guide – an original document developed by ASAP.

It was prepared through the participation of specialists from various fields of agricultural science, both from Poland and from the European Union. It presents the principles of sustainable development of farming at two proficiency levels.

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The development of farmers’ competence of food

Production is a complex and responsible process where the key role is played by farmers. Farming production, just as any other area of production, is aimed at meeting social expectations, but it is also a source of income for farmers, their families and employees. Farmers make dozens of daily decisions that impact production profitability..

To enhance the competences of farmers, we have developed an original competence model, and we have built on it to create a set of management seminars. They address issues such as negotiations, communication, development of business relations.

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Farm audit

Sustainable farming is gaining followers among food consumers. This leads to a growing interest in sustainable farming products on the part of the agricultural processing industry and food shops.

To supply produce to such recipients, farmers need to meet production certification requirements. ASAP offers farm audits to verify if sustainable farming principles are met. The purpose of the audit is to prepare a farm for production certification.

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Opinions of farmers

Read the opinions of farmers and farm managers

who have already implemented sustainable farming. Learn how to grow your profit, take better care of the environment and win over your neighbours.

Map of pilot farms

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The Polish Sustainable Farming Association “ASAP”

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