Summary of the activities of the Association for Sustainable Agriculture in Poland “ASAP” from 2020 to 2022

Our members have been working for many years to promote sustainable food production methods and many have pioneered the use of such solutions in agriculture.

In the years 2020-2022, due to the dynamically changing market conditions, which include primarily the economic effects of the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, the increase in the cost of energy and means of agricultural production, climate and environmental challenges and the objectives of the European Green Deal, the essence of sustainability in in the agri-food sector has become even more important. “On the road to sustainable agriculture and food” is the first study of this type, which is also a summary of the expiring term of the Association’s board. The purpose of the publication is to present the functioning of our organization and to present the most important initiatives we have undertaken in 2020-2022.

We pursue ambitious sustainability goals in food production
Our Association has been working for the promotion, education and cooperation in the field of sustainable agriculture in Poland since 2014. The most important areas of our activities include education of the agricultural market, which we implement, among others, by publishing and updating the Guide to Sustainable Agriculture, which is a comprehensive compendium of knowledge on sustainable agriculture, and a free e-learning course based on it.

Our members are representatives of the entire chain of responsibility for sustainable food production, which is why the activities of the Association go beyond the framework of agriculture and also concern sustainable food, and the profile of our activity reflects the dynamic process of change that is currently taking place in the agri-food sector. Their source is the green transformation of agriculture, which is moving towards sustainable food systems.

Our initiatives
In the years 2020-2022, the Association significantly developed its activities to promote sustainable agriculture and sustainable food production in Poland. Together with the leaders of the agri-food industry, we have also developed goals and a strategy based on four pillars:

  • knowledge and competences
  • support for business
  • labelling of sustainable agriculture products
  • business and legal environment

We invite you to read our summary:

On the road to sustainable agriculture and food.
Summary of the activities of the Association of Sustainable Agriculture “ASAP” in Poland from 2020 to 2022.