Our environment contains an abundance of living organisms, only some of which are visible to the human eye, yet all of them influence one another and us. Thanks to the multitude and diversity of the life forms around us, we have food and enjoy the beauty of nature. On the other hand, however, we need to protect our health, crops and homes.

Biodiversity, as a concept, has recently become extremely popular, or even misused, not only by ecology ideologues but also by environment and nature protection policy-makers.

The concept of “biodiversity” was used in the 1980s in the context of environmental threats, especially with reference to the issue of species extinction. Biodiversity is a concept expressing the entire dynamism of nature resulting from evolution and the selection actions of the environment, and for thousands of years also from conscious human activities.

Biodiversity is of fundamental importance for the sustainability of life-supporting systems in the biosphere. In order to protect biodiversity, it is necessary to forecast, prevent and eliminate the causes of its reduction or decline.

The area of “Biodiversity” currently offers access to the following lectures:

  • Living Abundance of the Environment
  • Adequate Protection and Restoration of Habitats
  • Smart Biodiversity Use

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