Air and greenhouse gas emissions

Agriculture is responsible for 8.5% of greenhouse gas emissions in Poland. The model of sustainable agriculture allows not only to reduce emissions, but also to actively absorb and store them.

Agricultural activity is one of the significant sources of air pollution. Unfortunately, knowledge about this fact is not rooted in public awareness, because the emission of pollutants is dispersed and therefore hardly visible.

However, taking into account the area of cultivated soils, applied agricultural practices, the number of livestock and the number of buildings on farms, agriculture is rightly considered to be one of the main emitters of various types of pollution. We have dedicated a new area of our e-learning course to this issue.

The following lessons are currently available in the “Air and greenhouse gas emissions” area:

  • Necessary care for cleanliness and air quality
  • Agricultural sources of air pollution (Part 1)
  • Agricultural sources of air pollution (Part 2)
  • Effective reduction of greenhouse gases from agriculture

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