Agricultural chemicals and waste management

Risk assessment for the waste warehouse

A risk assessment is the identification of risks, associated with a given project, which could cause harm to humans, animals and the environment. In this case, it concerns the identification of the potential impact of the hazardous waste warehouse on the environment, with particular reference to sensitive zones, defined as: drinking water intakes, wells, watercourses, groundwater.

The risks that are associated with the storage of plant protection products and the waste resulting from their use depend largely on:

  • warehouse location,
  • the technical solutions applied (design and equipment of the warehouse) to minimise the risk of harm to the environment,
  • the quantity and type of chemicals to be stored (the hazards associated with the use of a chemical agent are specified in detail in its safety data sheet),
  • the procedures and safeguards applied in the warehouse.

When collecting packaging waste from plant protection products, remember to rinse it out when filling the sprayer.