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Lawful use of land

The use of land for its intended purpose is referred to in the Law on the Protection of Agricultural and Forestry Land of 3 February 1995.

It is a use which:

  • limits the reclassification of agricultural land for non-agricultural purposes,
  • prevents soil degradation and devastation,
  • leads to the reclamation of degraded soils and their reuse,
  • takes into account the preservation of peatlands and ponds as natural water bodies,
  • limits changes to the natural landform.

Farms often operate near or within legally protected areas, which entails certain obligations and restrictions. The most important task of legally protected areas is the protection of flora and fauna habitats and aquifer zones. Farmers must therefore manage natural resources in a particularly responsible manner, strictly in accordance with the law and the principles of good agricultural practice. These principles include how to manage fertilisers, plant protection products, waste and other pollutants generated on the farm, and how to modify farming practices to minimise their impact on the surrounding environment.