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Responsibility for the quality and safety of the food produced

Food safety issues are becoming increasingly important and enforceable.

The European Union has a number of regulations related to food safety, e.g. Regulation 178/2002 of the European Parliament and of the Council ‘TRACEABILITY’, which states the full traceability of a product from production to the shop shelf. This is binding law in EU countries and all members of the food production chain are obliged to comply with these regulations.

Bearing in mind the specificity and diversity of farms, regardless of the area the farm occupies or the volume of crop or livestock production, it is advisable for there to be a person responsible for the quality and safety of the food produced. Preferably, this should be the owner or a person trained by the owner or other training bodies (e.g. the production manager), who should have knowledge of the production and storage of the food produced and will be able to identify the critical points, specific to each type of production, and show the way to eliminate these risks.