Plant protection

Approved PPPs

Plant protection products are a specific means of production on the farm due to their biological action, which when used correctly has a high economic effect, but when used incorrectly can endanger the environment and people, even outside the farm.

The basis for safe plant protection is the certainty that the purchased product is exactly what the farmer intended to purchase. Therefore, plant protection products should only be purchased from reliable dealers, checking the appearance of packaging and labels and documenting the transaction (receipt, invoice), which can be the basis for claims. In case of any doubts, clarify them at the time of purchase or immediately contact the manufacturer’s representative or the Plant Protection and Seed Inspection Service. When documenting plant protection measures, it is also important to keep in mind the seed dressings on the seed or planting material.

Only officially authorised, registered plant protection products may be used, before the expiry date indicated on the packaging or in an appropriate document accompanying the preparation. The purchase and use of1) unregistered or counterfeit products has serious consequences:

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Before applying the product, read the label in detail and proceed as described in the label. The field of application of the plant protection product, the dosage, the phases of the pest or crop, as well as additional conditions of treatment, are described in detail in the product authorisation as well as on the product label. The choice of product should be fully informed and based on the actual needs of the crop being treated. The use of products that are not nationally registered or registered for use on another crop is not permitted. The use of higher doses of a product than those described in the label is not permitted, as is the use of a product which is not intended, or at different phases of the crop or of the pest than those specified in the registration authorisation. The use of unregistered, counterfeit products, at the wrong doses or at the wrong time, will not only fail to achieve the intended protection effect, but risks contaminating the environment, as well as endangering the health and life of both the applicator and consumers of the agricultural product. As there are many ongoing changes in the registration of products, competent advice or other reliable sources should be used, e.g. information on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture:—zastosowanie.