Plant protection

Dealing with empty PPP containers

Plant protection product packaging should be rinsed three times. After emptying, fill the container ¼ full with water and stir vigorously after closing. Pour the water into the spray tank with the agent spray liquid. Repeat this operation twice more. The cleanliness of the empty packaging is a prerequisite for its return to the packaging return system operated by the Polish Plant Protection Association through its sales outlets across the country.

Rinsing the packs three times has the following benefits:

  • economical – an unwashed pack can contain up to 5% of product. Rinsing three times saves the farmer a significant amount and value of these products,
  • efficiency – rinsing allows the entire quantity of product to be used for its intended purpose, resulting in a fully effective application,
  • safety – rinsed packs contain no residues that may carry a risk of poisoning or contamination,
  • environmental – well rinsed packaging will not contaminate the environment during the disposal and recycling process.

Used packaging of hazardous substances (e.g. plant protection products) is one of the most common hazardous wastes, both in companies and individual households.

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