We are ready to pay more for sustainable food

The sustainable agricultural market is growing dynamically and in the medium term it has a chance to achieve the value of PLN 64.6 billion. 75% of Polish people want to buy sustainable food and they are ready to pay even 20% more for it.

According to Małgorzata Bojańczyk, Director of the Polish Association of Sustainable Agriculture ASAP, organic agricultural products are well managed by the niche between conventional and organic food produced.

Customers’ increasing awareness of the role of food in their lives as well as their desire to protect the climate and environment and to maintain acceptable food prices have given rise to a new business opportunity. It is sustainable agriculture products: commodities and the processed food products, on which Poles are capable of spending as much as PLN 64.61 billion per annum even in the medium term. It is an opportunity for expanding this niche market into a mass one.

The market growth will be additionally supported by an EU policy and subsidies allocated to the development of sustainable agricultural practices in farms, the green approach of financial institutions and a continued development of digitization.

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