Why do farmers need sustainable agriculture?

Warsaw, 6 November 2020 – The Association of Sustainable Agriculture in Poland “ASAP” has published a list of the most important benefits for farmers of using sustainable agricultural practices. The Association has also started to publish a series of films, prepared with its partners, in which Polish farmers talk about sustainable agriculture in practice.

The European Union, consumers and companies from the food responsibility chain increasingly demand that farmers pursue the rules of sustainability in agricultural production. Sustainable agriculture is still an option today, but a necessity tomorrow. Therefore, in order to ensure long-term competitiveness of the farm, it is worth implementing this model of farming now.

– said Małgorzata Bojańczyk, Director at the Association of Sustainable Agriculture in Poland “ASAP”.

Sustainable farming is defined in terms of any activities and measures intended to reduce the environmental impact of agriculture and enabling a more efficient and environmentally friendly use of resources, e.g. soil, land, water, machines, crop protection products, seeds, fertilizers or energy, while preserving the profitability of agricultural production and its acceptance by the society at large.

I put a lot of emphasis on running my orchard in a sustainable way. I test the soil to provide the plants with only the ingredients they need, I have reduced the number of treatments, I look after biodiversity, I have signed a contractual agreement for my juice orchard. Thanks to sustainable agriculture, I save money, time and also the environment. In my opinion there are only advantages here.

– said Łukasz Sybilski, a fruit farmer from Błędów.

Today we are adding a list of the most important sustainable agricultural practices to the list of benefits prepared in October, and we are starting a series of films with farmers about sustainable agriculture in practice. We want to show concretely why sustainable agriculture pays off. We will systematically publish the videos with farmers on our YouTube channel.

– added Małgorzata Bojańczyk.

The Association of Sustainable Agriculture in Poland “ASAP” is a non-profit initiative of businesses and individuals from various industries across the entire food chain. The Association conducts several initiatives to promote, educate and foster cooperation in the field of sustainable agriculture in Poland.