Jagrol is a company established in 1995 near Kórnik in Wielkopolska. It works an area of about 1,500 ha. It focuses primarily on farming and animal breeding.
Since 2000, it has been growing potatoes for Farm Frites Poland.

The area owned by the company is a habitation site of many rare wetland bird species. The garganeys, ruffs or great white herons attract plenty of ornithologists from Poland and abroad.

Jagrol works with local hunting clubs by donating food for animals to help them survive winter. The company’s management considers sustainable development not only as a way to achieve good financial results but also as an incentive to take better care of the natural environment, the animals living nearby and the greatest value of all – people. The company appreciates its employees and puts considerable emphasis on their growth. What it expects from the project is assistance in defining the direction it should follow to preserve proper harmony with the environment. Another important aspect is an opportunity to share experience, which will act as an impulse for personal growth. As a leader in the farming industry, Jargol would also like to become a role model for other farms that need to improve their production.