Grupa Producentów Rolnych Natura was founded in 2011. It consists of six farmers who own 1,600 ha of farmland in total. The primary production focuses on potatoes grown for seeds and industrial purposes. Potato is a strategic plant that initiates the crop rotation. The sale of seed potatoes is contracted with HZPC Polska Sp. z o.o., KWS Sp. z o.o. and Agrico Sp. z o.o. Industrial potatoes are sold to Farm Frites SA in Lębork. Every year they are grown on about 300 ha.

Ever since 2011, the farm has been a part of the Global GAP European quality system. In 2010, it introduced the HACCAP quality system. Field production is based on the data from current maps of soil nutrient content. The results are developed in software programmes to create a map of precise fertiliser application. The farming machines have a GPS and as such can avoid mistakes caused by human error.

The farm’s headquarters are based in Rumsk (GPS data: N54° 36′ 35.53″, E17° 18′ 57.20″). The compound has warehouses, shelters and a workshop. The storage space is 10,000 tonnes for potatoes and 4,000 tonnes for grains. Due to the investment in box pallets, half of the produced potatoes are kept in perfect humidity and temperature conditions. The owners pay attention to the planning of sowing, fertilisation and proper plant protection. The farm invests in precision agriculture and it intends to increase the potato cultivation area and storage capacity.

The company’s managers know that farming has a significant impact on the natural environment and they try to minimise any environmental degradation factors.