FARMSTAR POLSKA is a company which as been operating in Pomerania for 10 years, managed by Ms. Eliza Patorska-Trojanek. The farm has an area of 850 ha – both its own and leased land. The primary crops are: wheat, potatoes (seed production) and rape. The farm grows crops in 5-year cycles, which helps preserve the good condition of soil. The farm has been developing steadily for the past 10 years, and it has a professional potato storehouse for 3,300 tonnes of seed potatoes kept in crates with a fully automated ventilation control system. In 2016, the company invested in a modern grain dryer and in warehouses of a capacity of 4,000 tonnes.

The farm’s main challenge is to keep a high development rate while remaining fully stable and competitive. The participation in the pilot farm project of the Polish Sustainable Farming Association “ASAP” is expected to help the farm rise to that challenge. By relying on the three pillars of sustainable farming, FARMSTAR POLSKA will join the group of conscious farms that are becoming local leaders and trend-setters in global farming.