Książęce Żuławy
Flewo-Pol is a 700 ha farm situated in Książęce Żuławy, Pomerania. It was founded and is managed by Bernardus van de Westeringh, who came to the Żuławy land in 1996, where he decided to grow potatoes, even though Poles claimed that local soil was too heavy for them. With considerable outlays, he managed to achieve high-tilth soils where, in addition to potatoes, he also grows wheat, rape and sugar beets.

Since 1997, Flewo-Pol has been supplying potatoes to Farm Frites Poland.
Having friendly relations with the local community, a good working relationship with businesses and manufacturers
and a team of committed employees, the farm functions well as a high-class enterprise. Furthermore, it never ceases to strive for optimum results in agricultural production.
For Ben van de Westeringh, sustainable farming means prudent use of the resources that the production relies on, i.e. energy, water, fertilisers, plant protection products – to improve the natural environment, make high-quality food and use fertilisers only in the required quantities.
He sees sustainability as providing appropriate working and financial conditions for the employees and as compliance with the Labour Code and the OHS rules and regulations adopted by the farm.
Ben van de Westeringh expects the project to result in wider industry-specific knowledge, new contacts and relations with other producers and to help the farm compete in the market of agricultural products.