The farm was established in 2008 when the parents of Agata and Piotr Rapta gave them some of their land. In their desire for further growth, the siblings started by seeking financial support from the EU. They also gained experience at a university. Over the first two years, they worked 40 ha of land, today they cultivate almost 360 ha. They both continue to expand their knowledge by taking part in numerous seminars and workshops and by working with various institutions such as the Department for Seed Science and Potato Protection in Bonin and the Agricultural Advisory Centre in Brwinów. They participated in the Baltic Deal project for the protection of the Baltic basin. As they say, this helped them explore the issues of sustainable farming.

They coordinate the acquisition of Global GAP certificates for the farm of their parents, their brother and their own. They have been working with FARM FRITES since the very beginning. The development of the farm is oriented towards taking advantage of new methods and technologies. In addition to being enthusiastic about innovation on their farm, the owners want to live in harmony with the natural environment by having a positive impact on it. They continuously tell themselves and others that the natural environment has always been and always will be there, but it depends on us all what it will be like in the future. This is why they have taken in yet another challenge – they decided to participate in the project. They want to share their own experience and capitalise on the knowledge of others to find a common denominator for production-related, economic, environmental and social objectives.