Spółka AGRO-DAD SP ZOO Dadzewo was founded in October 1993 and it runs its business on 1,137 ha of farmland leased from ANR (Farming Real Estate Agency), with 150 ha left as grassland. The area is dominated by light highly mosaic soils of valuation classes Va, IVb, V and VI. The farm is situated in the picturesque Polanów district in the Koszliński county, surrounded by forests and areas interesting in terms of nature. The farm has a dual profile as it manages both plant and animal production. Plant production focuses mainly on cereal, rape and leguminous plants. Animal production involves breeding of Aberdeen Angus beef cattle, the current herd consisting of 230 suckler cows. Weaner bulls are sold for fattening, while heifers are sold as breeding material once they are 12-14 months old. We also sell from 5 to 10 breeding bulls a year.