Even Greener – the sustainable potato calculator

The potato is a sustainable choice. It has a very small carbon footprint, compared to rice or wheat. Now, with the introduction of the Ever Greener project, that footprint can be even smaller.

The calculator developed by HZPC experts provides potato producers with a tool tailored to the needs and requirements of the farm and allows to reduce its impact on the environment.

Each farm has different conditions and environmental factors in the area of ​​cultivation, which affects what characteristics of the potato guarantee the yield. To help farmers improve their economic performance while reducing the environmental impact of crops, HZPC has developed the digital Even Greener calculator – available online on this website.

With the help of the calculator, farmers can transform their knowledge and experience into useful tips for sustainable and economically viable potato cultivation. The tool uses the internal knowledge base of HZPC and matches the appropriate potato variety, which will develop the highest possible yield, reduce cultivation costs, and thus improve the profitability of this production. This solution also gives access to the most sustainable varieties of potatoes, with a lower impact on the environment, and even less carbon footprint than traditional varieties.

The calculator is based on the analysis of the five most important parameters that were determined by HZPC specialists. The individual potato varieties must meet them in order to be considered as sustainable. These are:

  • Marketable yield
  • Fertilizer
  • Storablilty,
  • Crop protection
  • Fresh water use.

HZPC is a company that operates all over the world, including Poland, and deals with the production of potato seedlings and is a member of the Association of Sustainable Agriculture in Poland “ASAP”.