“ASAP Academy” as a knowledge compendium about sustainable farming

“ASAP” Academy has been set up to share a comprehensive body of knowledge on sustainable farm management which combines economic, environmental and social goals of agriculture. Each lesson is based on our own “Guide to Sustainable Farming ASAP”, developed with contributions from leading Polish experts in agricultural, social and economic sciences.

– said Jerzy Próchnicki, Editor-in Chief of “ASAP Academy” and Board Member of the Association of Sustainable Agriculture in Poland “ASAP”.

Sustainable farming is defined in terms of any activities and measures intended to reduce the environmental impact of agriculture and enabling a more efficient and environmentally friendly use of resources, e.g. soil, land, water, machines, crop protection products, seeds, fertilizers or energy, while preserving the profitability of agricultural production and its acceptance by the society at large.

The food production system which is environmentally, economically and socially sustainable is the major challenge for the agri-food sector and for farmers as well. Here, education and transfer of knowledge play a crucial role. To address this challenge we have launched the educational platform which will help anybody interested in those topics to enhance their competences in the field of sustainable farming.

– added Małgorzata Bojańczyk, Director at the Association of Sustainable Agriculture in Poland “ASAP”.

The educational platform is available at the address: asapakademia.pl and provides lesson modules on such topics as sustainable farming, relationship building (soft skills), biodiversity, soil management, nutrient management, sowing and planting, local communities and antibiotic use in animal production. In future “ASAP Academy” will be fed with further thematic areas, of relevance for each and every farmer.

You are invited to use this knowledge compendium – unique in Poland – at your convenience, at any time and from your home.

– concluded Małgorzata Bojańczyk.

The Association of Sustainable Agriculture in Poland “ASAP” is a non-profit initiative of businesses and individuals from various industries across the entire food chain. The Association conducts several initiatives to promote, educate and foster cooperation in the field of sustainable agriculture in Poland.