Promotion of sustainable agriculture

We provide information to farmers about the practices of sustainable agriculture and associated benefits. In 2021, we are planning to launch the promotion of sustainable agriculture, which will also be addressed to food consumers.

Cooperation with leading agricultural organisations, mainly agricultural media in Poland, as well as the experiences of our members from different branches of the food responsibility chain, make it possible to effectively adapt our communications activities to the farmers’ needs.

We prepare videos, infographics and other communication materials about sustainable agriculture in practice, which are published, amongst others, on our YouTube channel, LinkedIn profile and website, as well as on the communication channels of our partners. We find it particularly important to show farmers from Poland who are already in the process of implementing sustainable agricultural practices on their farms.

We speak publicly on key issues for the development of sustainable agriculture in Poland, such as the Common Agricultural Policy after 2020, through official letters, media activity, as well as participation in various events and consultations.

If you want to understand what sustainable agriculture means and what this model of farm management is for, we invite you to regularly follow our website, the YouTube channel or the LinkedIn profile.