“ASAP Academy” educational platform

ASAP Academy is an educational platform offering a compendium of knowledge about sustainable agriculture. The ASAP Academy aims to provide comprehensive knowledge on sustainable farm management, i.e. by combining economic, environmental and social goals of agriculture.

Each lecture has been prepared on the basis of our original “The Guide to Sustainable Agriculture ASAP”, the result of co-operation amongst leading Polish specialists in a number of scientific fields, including agricultural, social and economic. Using the system is free of charge.

The ASAP Academy includes lectures on:

  • sustainable agriculture;
  • soft competencies;
  • biodiversity;
  • soil management;
  • nutrient management;
  • sowing and planting;
  • local community
  • the use of antibiotics in livestock production.

Our platform is systematically supplemented with further thematic areas important for each farmer and other individuals interested in the subject, e.g. students or consultants. To gain access to the whole collection of lectures, it is required to set up an account on the e-learning platform. Before registration, it is possible to check out the demonstration mode, which gives access to the following selection of lectures from the Academy:

  • Local community
  • Methods for establishing relationships in business cooperation on a farm pursuing sustainable agriculture
  • Living abundance of the environment
  • Effective nutrient management
  • Usefulness of proper soil management
  • Benefits of proper sowing and planting

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