"ASAP" Association

Polish Association for Sustainable Farming "ASAP" is a non-profit iniciative of a group of people and companies representing various sectors of the food value chain.

Mission and vision

We believe in the possibility of long-term development of the agricultural production based on respect for all natural resources, in encouraging the development of local communities and ensuring a fair return to the farmer.

The strategy

  • development and implementation of sustainable agriculture standards on farms.
  • supporting the development of wide-ranging powers of the farmers who participate in the project.
  • effective communication with farmers mainly through the website.

The chain of responsibility.


The preparatory phase for agricultural production
Agricultural inputs
Financial and advisory

This phase includes production planning, taking into consideration its costs, the choice of species and varieties of the crop, necessary means of production.


The phase of field production
Distribution of means of production for agriculture
The farm

The main phase of the agricultural production takes place on a farm, where knowledge and experience of a farmer are used, while being appropriately supported by the means of production


The phase of harvesting and processing
Marketing of agricultural products
The social responsibility

Reception of agricultural raw material (crops) and effective management is of crucial importance to the efficiency of the entire food chain


The phase of consumption
The agri-food trading
The food consumer

The final recipient in the food supply chain are we, the consumers. The choices that we make when shopping can help us all to maintain the clean environment for future generations.